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The Donut Vase

The Donut Vase

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This wheel-thrown vase is crafted with two parallel walls of clay that are curved towards each other to form a hollow shape. The piece is then manipulated by hand and a hole is carved out to create an opening. Finished with a simple clear crackle glaze, it will showcases a colorful plant in a beautiful way. 

Product details:

  • 3.5" high
  • 3.5" wide

Every piece has a unique crackle finish on the finish, which is caused when the pieces are removed from the kiln and start to cool down. The glaze contracts under more tension than the clay body itself and creates the crackle effect.

Each one is 100% unique and has different amounts of crackle based on the thickness of the glaze applied, the location it was fired in the kiln, and the speed at which it cooled down.  

Care Instructions

Turn your garment inside out before washing to minimize any abrasions. Wash on cold to minimize color fading. Wash with similar colors if a bundle load. Air drying is the best option.


100% cotton.

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There are no returns. Exchanges are allowed if your size is available.

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